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The Studio

We are bold. We are innovative. We are decisive. 

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Design is a reflection of attitude, and a spirit of fun is at the heart of who we are.

We are imaginative, driven by an insatiable spirit of curiosity.

We are resourceful and ambitious in our re-imaginations.

We are respectful of the traditions, culture, and history that have shaped our city.

We are unwavering in our support for the physical, mental, and emotional health of our team.

Our careers are high priorities in our lives, but not the highest.

We are community-driven because we are passionate about the communities to which we belong.

Our work influences the most important moments of our clients’ lives.

We create unique designs that elevate those moments into timeless experiences.

We are humble and place our expertise and learning at the service of our client’s vision.

We are passionate about designing transformative experiences for you.

We are Nicole Elizabeth INTRS


Create dynamic experiences that transport people out of the everyday and into captivating environments.

Danielle W_02.jpg

Our Founder

Danielle Wolfrom, LEED AP | IIDA


Anyone who has started their own business understands that the decision comes with a mixture of excitement, fear, doubt, pride, and the whole emotional gamut. When I launched Nicole Elizabeth INTRS in 2016 that was certainly my experience. On those days when the fear and doubt crept in more than I was comfortable with, I reminded myself that I was taking the next step in a design journey that began when I was a little girl. At the time we lived in a one-story cottage on a large plot of land and my parents decided they wanted something bigger. My father was a general contractor, and so rather than search for a new home (because who would ever give up the address 123 Lovers Lane), they decided to build one, converting that cottage into a two-story contemporary – while we still lived there.

This unique experience of growing up on a construction site, sitting on my father’s drafting table, using a ladder to get to the second story (not my mother’s favorite memory), and so many other oddities that formed my everyday life, captivated my young imagination. This began my fascination with the impact the spaces we inhabit  have on almost every aspect of our lives, both physically and mentally. In time and through many sleepless nights in the studio at Drexel University I learned how design evokes emotions, memories, and when done well, takes on a timelessness of its own.

My hobbies flow from the same passion that drove me to interior design. I love old things and the stories they have to tell, and so I will never pass up on a great estate sale or flea market. I love bringing new life back to old furniture. I also love creating things completely from scratch, especially knitting and baking. The most important passions in my life, however, are my husband, Michael, our two cats, Luna and Bella, and our Rottweiler, Reggie.

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