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redIQ   Headquarters

redIQ is a rapidly growing tech company who by 2017 was transitioning from startup to growth company. Since their founding in 2012 they had worked out of a variety of co-working spaces but the time had come to move into a dedicated corporate headquarters. They found a Class A space in midtown Manhattan, and while, with a few adjustments, the basic flow of the space was sufficient for their needs, significant work was required in order to transform the office into a place they could call their home. 

The company had recently undergone a rebranding, complete with carefully defined company vision and values statements as well as a vibrant color palette. We decided that reinforcing their brand was an essential component to the space and set out to incorporate their new identity whenever possible. In order to achieve this without the space becoming overwhelming we carefully balanced color and graphics with white space and the existing architecture to give the space a sense of life and spirit. Their color palette centered around a bright red, which we used only as a wall color in public areas of the office to help establish the new brand to clients. In the rest of the office we used the bright red to upholster classic mid-century seating that accented the break-out rooms. The open office layout and long run of wall allowed us to design a custom, 30’ x 10’ wall covering with their corporate values and vision statement We diferentiated the two by using the same bright red on the vision statement that anchors the wall. The rest of the palette is splashed throughout the office, whether in bold ways like the teal and deep sea walls of various offices and conference rooms, or more subtle, like the sunshine yellow desk lamps at every seat. 

In terms of space efficiency, one major issue that the space presented was that the design did not naturally suit the company’s needs in terms of team groupings, sound, and other practical considerations. To help mitigate this issue while keeping the existing furniture we placed the sales team on the open floor but spread out equally from one end to the other. We placed developers and support in their own offices, the two members of corporate leadership each had an office, and finally, we established two smaller breakout rooms that anyone can use if they need more quiet or privacy. 

Photos: Monica Ayer Photography



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