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How To Budget For Your Home Renovation

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My first meeting with a new client typically goes something like this when the dreaded "B" word comes up.

Me: "Let's talk about your vision for the project when it's finished. What would you like to see in the space? how would you like it to feel? What are your goals for the space?"

Client: Laundry list of everything and anything they can think of or have seen on Pinterest that they like. Typically involves moving walls, high-end finishes and furniture, and creating an "open concept".


"We don't know."

Me: "So, what is your budget for this project?"

Client: "We really don't know. Maybe something like (throws out a number that is insanely low for what they want to do)."

Me: "OK..."

This does not have to be you! With a little but of planning and research before contacting the professionals you can help your initial meeting and the project as a whole run more smoothly.

Communication, clear goals, and a contingency are key when planning a renovation project. That's why we put together a Project Budgeting Guide. It will walk you through how to set goals for the project; show you all the components that could need to be accounted for in your budget; and give you some estimated costs to help you arrive at that final number. Download your free guide below and as always if you need help with your project, Let's Talk!


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