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5 Apartment Amenities That Are So Extra - Part One

There's no denying it. The multifamily market is HOT right now, especially in Philadelphia. With all the renovations and new construction going on, potential tenants have more options than ever and developers and owners are going to great lengths to make sure their properties stand out from the crowd. Here are five popular community amenities that are so extra they are becoming the standard in luxury apartment living.

1. Dog Wash - It seems like EVERYONE in Philly has a dog. They are our best friends, our adventure buddies, and our emotional support. Not only are buildings becoming more pet friendly they are coming up with ways to pamper our four-legged friends as much as us. As any pet owner knows eventually they are going to need a bath and trying to give them one in a tub is messy and just plain annoying. Developers realize this and dog wash stations have become a staple in communities and it looks like they are here to stay. Not only can tenants get their fur-babies clean it also saves unit bathrooms from some unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Guest Suites - Think of guest suites like AirBNB for tenant's family and friends. Communities are designing beautiful fully furnished and outfitted apartment spaces with the sole purpose of providing short stay accommodations. Not only does this bring in revenue from current tenants it can also give out of town potential tenants an opportunity to see what it's like to be a part of the community and city before committing to a lease.

3. Wine Cellar - This amenity is sort of an obvious one. Which is why we're so surprised it isn't in every apartment building already. Wine has become a staple in our society, and residents want proper storage for their bottles. Buildings have begun to install climate controlled wine cellars to give tenants just that, a place to house their collections.

4. Bike Storage & Maintenance - Everyone knows that bikes are a huge part of the daily commute for so many people living in cities. Traveling the city streets can really do a number on a bike and with tenants already busy lives buildings are providing not only storage but tools and equipment so that tenants can keep their transportation in perfect working order.

5. Package Lockers - Gone are the days when residents had to hope their package would be waiting for you at the front desk when they got home. Package lockers allow tenants to track their package even after it's delivered. Having these systems not only eliminates your liability for tenants packages but it frees up front desk staff from the time consuming task of logging and getting packages. Plus it's always exciting to get an email saying your package has arrived!

These are just a few of the many community amenities that are popping up in buildings all over the world. Don't worry! We are going to be talking about plenty more in future blog posts. If you are looking to add or renovate your multifamily property, Let's Talk!

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