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3 Tips to Declutter and Find Order in 2019

We are so excited to present a guest post by Caitlin Sirianni. She is the owner of NEAT Method Philadelphia and is here to share 3 Tips for Decluttering and Find Order in 2019.

Take it away Caitlin...

Do you ever find yourself putting off your ‘getting organized’ resolution(s) because you know your current residence isn’t permanent? Or, you feel like you just don’t have the time to commit to getting the job done? You are not alone – organizing always seems like a daunting task.

This is why NEAT Method opened its doors in 2010 and now services 46+ markets across the US. NEAT is a lifestyle service company committed to bringing style, comfort and efficiency to every home. NEAT’s clients range from those who have lived in their home for over 20 years, to those who move frequently. For each they find sustainable solutions that make living an organized life attainable.

For those who are not quite ready to bring in the experts, NEAT Method has 3 organizing tips to propel you into the New Year and make sure home organization is a goal that is reached in 2019!

Tip #1 :: Start Small :: Getting started is half the battle. When you look at an organizing project as a whole it can seem very overwhelming. If decluttering your kitchen is much needed, start with the pantry and tell yourself that just purging expired items is enough of an accomplishment for one day. We promise just this small step will feel so good that it will be the catalyst to the large-scale change(s) you are looking for. Before you know it, organizing your drawers, cabinets and counters will be getting checked off the list!

Tip #2 :: Purge Before You Purchase :: One of the most common mistakes we see is purchasing a bunch of storage solutions before evaluating what you really need to hang on to. Take time to purge the clothes you are no longer wearing, files you no longer need and/or medicines that are expired before you buy any containers. Also make sure you take careful measurements before you purchase so that you don’t find yourself with organizing solutions that don’t really fit your space.

Tip #3 :: Basket & Bins Can ALWAYS Be Repurposed :: Even if you aren’t hiring a professional, organizing does require an initial investment. However, you will never regret purchasing neutral baskets and clear bins. These items will be easily transferable from one home to another and will even make getting packed up a breeze. The key is making sure they are neutral so that if they currently store your son’s trucks but need to be used in the garage someday, a quick change of the label is all they need.

For more information and tips from NEAT Method please visit or call 855.232.6328.

Photos courtesy of Michell Drewes Photography and Marisa Belle Photography

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