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Five Great (Non-Hack) IKEA Finds

Everyone I speak to has their own opinion about IKEA, you either LOVE it or LOATHE it. It seems like there is really no in between on this topic. Either way, there are a few awesome products that seem to show up constantly in design magazines and on your Pinterest boards. Here is a list of my personal faves.


LAPPLJUNG RUTA Pillow ($16.99 with FJÄDRAR Insert)- This pillow is the epitome of versatility. The pattern seamlessly incorporates into a wide variety of styles and has a great scale for either a sofa or a bed. It's one of my go tos when I need to create a visual pop without a lot of color.

REGISSÖR Bookcase ($139.00)- This bookcase gives you a high-end look without breaking the bank. The tapered legs and elevated base scream sophistication and the whole REGISSOR collection gives lots of options. I love adding decorative paper to the back panel to give this piece an even more custom look.

VIKTIGT Basket ($17.99)- I love the chunky weave of this basket as well as the random two-tone color. Whether it is for blankets or plants or dog toys, you can never have enough baskets. Especially ones with as much style as this one.

These are not the only products that look great right off the shelf. IKEA is constantly introducing new products from world class designers. It is my go-to place for stylish and affordable furniture and accessories.

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