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Fit Academy

Fit Academy owner Osayi Osunde has been a fixture in the Philadelphia fitness community for many years. He started his business with popular outdoor workouts at the Art Museum often using the famed "Rocky" steps as equipment. As word got out and his following grew, he opened his first studio in Brewerytown, one of the newest up and coming sections of Philadelphia. Designing the gym with a focus on his clients, created a functional space where he was able to deliver results. While the gym was a great place to get in shape it didn't reflect the energy or community that Osayi built the Fit Academy brand on. It was with that goal that Nicole Elizabeth INTRS partnered with the Fit Fam to help bring Osayi's vision to life. 

Fit Academy is housed on the ground floor of converted factory. The studio boasts exposed concrete columns and floors, large factory window facade, as well as twenty foot high ceilings. In order to fill such a large volume of space and create an atmosphere that was both inviting and energetic the Nicole Elizabeth team had to get creative. Luckily, Osayi is great at photographing his fitness events and had amassed over three thousand photos that he wanted incorporated into the space. Our team got to work laying out a huge mural wall that would become the focal point of the lower private workout area. With the help of artist Alloyius McIlwaine, the final wall design highlighted not only Fit Academy's past but Philadelphia and the movement and energy that embodies a fit lifestyle. Other phases of the project include the trainers' wall behind the front desk which is easily updated. A before and after wall to celebrate the many fitness goals that have been achieved by clients. The Fit Academy motto decal which reminds clients that it's not just about physical strength. With a few phases left to implement you will have to stay tuned for the completed project. 

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